Rental Services -Tents, Tables, Chairs, etc

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If your wedding and/or reception will be in a fully-equipped venue like a restaurant or hotel, you probably won’t have to rent anything, except maybe a limousine and a few tuxedos.

However, if your wedding and/or reception is going to be anywhere else (a private home, a beach, a park, or any place that isn’t outfitted for catering, shelter, furniture and other necessities) you will need to work with a rental service. These services provide everything from silverware and champagne glasses to tents and dance floors. Some even provide trailers that can serve as dressing rooms and portable bathrooms for more rugged locations.

Let’s say you’re planning to marry in the back yard of your rich uncle who has a beautiful 10-acre spread on Orcas Island. A grand idea! But if the yard happens to be completely exposed to the sun and your wedding is at noon, you’re going to need some shade in the form of a tent, and probably even some air conditioning (you can rent that too). You might also need a gazebo or trellis to stand under, and you’ll certainly need chairs, tables and table linens.

If you don’t have a rich uncle and you’ve found an ideal spot on a beautiful beach, you’re still going to need chairs, and if you’re planning to have a processional, you’ll need an aisle runner.

All these items have to be rented, and the San Juan Islands have rental companies that can provide you with everything you need. Prices can vary widely. Plain metal chairs will cost a lot less than cushy high-backed seats with chair covers, and tablecloths can range in price from $5 to $25 each. Many rental companies will even provide flowers (artificial or fresh). So shop around, see what’s available, and compare prices. And don’t forget to check those references! © 2010 Terri Daniel

Rental Services -Tents, Tables, Chairs, etc