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The San Juan Islands are a haven for creative people and are populated by writers, sculptors, painters, jewelers and other artisans that show their work in our many galleries and shops. 
One imaginative way to make a statement about your San Juan Islands wedding while supporting local artists is to have your invitations, ceremony programs and other materials designed and printed right here in the islands.

Invitations should be sent about two months prior to the wedding, but if you’re inviting guests from out-of-town who will need to make travel plans, send a “save the date” announcements six months in advance to allow them to make the necessary arrangements. Request RSVPs to come in no later than three weeks prior to the wedding (but don’t be surprised when people don’t respond in a timely manner; for some reason this is always a challenge, and you may have to call people to get their answers). Caterers and rental companies will need a head count about two weeks in advance, so RSVPs are critical!

If your wedding will be in a hard-to-find or unfamiliar location, please include a map with your invitation. This is an element that, if neglected, has the potential to cause all kinds of chaos. Include a phone number with the map in case people get lost, but make sure to use a phone number that somebody will actually answer... not a cell phone belonging to the bride or the maid of honor, because these phones usually end up tucked away in a purse in a corner of a room somewhere. This job should be assigned to the best man or some other male who will carry his phone in his pocket.

You have all the latitude in the world when it comes to designing invitations and announcements, and the sky’s the limit. Use loud bold colors, fabrics, photos of the bride and groom as children, or anything else that inspires you. If you need help with ideas, there are numerous websites full of inventive alternatives to formal engraved invitations. © 2010 Terri Daniel

Invitations & Announcements