Whale Watching from San Juan Island

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Go On a Great Adventure in the San Juan Islands to Watch Whales

There are three pods of Orcas that call the San Juan Islands home and they are the reason that this island has become the number one place to go whale watching. These Orcas are like family to the ones who reside on this island because they show up every year in the fall, spring, and summer.

Please come join us for this amazing view of these beautiful Orcas. They will take your breath away as they put on a show to impress you with their tail lob, spy hops, and forge for the food. To protect the beautiful Orcas from harm of the boat, the captain will remain a distance of about 100 yards from the Orcas. This is not only to protect these beautiful mammals, but if will also offer you a bit of comfort.

Not only will you watch these amazing mammals from the comfort of the whale watching boat, but you will also be educated on the Orcas. On each boat there will be a certified naturalists that will do all of the educating.

Featured Whale Watching Tour Outfitters on San Juan Island ( home of Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor )

Other Ways to Watch the Whales

If you don’t prefer to go on the whale watching tours, there are other ways to view them. For one, you can visit Limekiln State Park and watch the beautiful Orcas from there. Another way to watch the whales is by going out in a kayak. You can bring your own kayak, or you can rent one from one of the kayak touring companies. If you choose the kayak route, don’t worry, you will have a guide to guide you through the tour. However, if you do have a kayak, you can board the ferry with it to get to where you are going.

Things to Know Before Going on a Whale Watching Adventure with a Tour Company

You can choose the size boat you would like to go on to watch the whales. Your choices of boats are large boats that are comfortable, or small boats that have a more intimate feel. The whale watching tours will last about 3 – 4 hours and should only be done with those who are members of the Pacific Whale Watch Association. Going with these members will ensure that you are going on a legal whale watching tour.