Wedding Florists on Lopez, Orcas, and San Juan Island

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Flowers at a wedding are extremely important, not just because they’re beautiful, but became they’re meaningful. As is true for most wedding traditions, flowers represent fertility (the birds, the bees and the flowers), and even if you’re not planning to have children, you can think of fertility in other terms, such as creating abundance in health, happiness, wealth and creativity. 

Depending on your budget, you can go crazy with flowers, or you can keep it simple. Make your floral choices based on the environment, time of day and setting of your wedding. Dramatic centerpieces with sweeping branches, vines and candles are more suitable for formal evening weddings, while simple, smaller arrangements are more appropriate for outdoor, casual events. If your wedding will be outdoors in the heat of summer, remember that flowers may wilt, so consider keeping flowers to a minimum and using the money for something more functional, like an air conditioned tent. And on the subject of money, many cost-conscious couples buy their own flowers at a flower mart or a store like Costco, and make their own simple bouquets and arrangements.

If you prefer to use a florist, don’t be afraid to be ask lots of questions. Many herbs, plants and flowers have medicinal uses as well as symbolic meanings, so do some research, and work with your florist to assemble arrangements that have social or spiritual significance. Remember to coordinate your bouquet with the centerpieces and the corsages, bouquets or boutonnières used by your wedding party. A knowledgeable, creative florist will know exactly what to do.

And don’t be afraid to think outside-the-box when it comes to flowers! I’ve seen brides carry bouquets of fragrant herbs like lavender and mint as opposed to the traditional spray of roses, so feel free to play with color, scent and symbolism, mixing and matching to your heart’s content.

Finally, when choosing a florist, make sure he or she can show you pictures of weddings they’ve done in the past, and ask for local references. © 2010 Terri Daniel

Florists in the San Juan Islands