Whale Watching Tours in the San Juan Islands

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The San Juan Islands have become the top whale watching destination in Washington State due to three pods of Orcas that reside in the San Juan Islands during the late spring, summer and early fall. J, K and L Pods have become like family members and the pride of the locals.

We invite you to come see the orcas in their beautiful, natural surroundings as they breech, spy hop, tail lob and forge for food on a whale watch boat cruise. Your captain will keep a distance of 100 yards or more to ensure the comfort and protection of the orcas. Each whale watch boat offers certified naturalists to educate you on the history, life cycle, and feeding and behavioral patterns of the orcas. The Orca whales can also be observed from Limekiln State Park a.k.a. Whale Watch Park on San Juan Island's West side. Seeing the whales from a kayak is another great way to see the Orcas. If you own a kayak you can easily bring it on to the ferry with your car or by carrying it onto the ferry by hand. There are several sea kayaking tour companies who are happy to guide you ( in ultra stable kayaks ) along the calm shores and beaches of the San Juans. Orca whale sightings are not unusual.

Artwork whales Jason Napier ocean romance
"Ocean Romance" by local bronze sculpture artist Jason Napier.

If you choose to go whale watching with a whale watching tour company keep the following in mind. There are a variety of boats to whale watch from; choose large and comfortable or small and intimate. You will be able to find the best tour operator that suits your needs; depending on your age, group size and boat feature preference. Most tours last three to four hours and tourists should only go with members of the Pacific Whale Watch Operators Association to ensure ethical and legal whale watching in the San Juan Islands.

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