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Can I bring my dog/pet to a vacation rental on Lopez, Orcas, or San Juan Island?

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Dog in suitcase heading to the San Juan Islands
Bring me to the "Eddie and Friends Dog Park" in Friday Harbor!

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You are thinking about visiting Friday Harbor or the San Juan Islands and you'd like to bring along your dog or pet. You might have a large Labrador, you might have a Siamese cat, and you might even have an overgrown iguana ( less likely ).... you want a water view, you want a big front yard for your pet to enjoy, you want a flatscreen TV and you want to be able to update your FaceBook with your Iphone while you are barbecuing on the lawn watching the whales go by.... right?

This particular combination of luxuries can only be found by renting a vacation rental on one of the three islands. ( Lopez Island, San Juan Island, Orcas Island ). You might actually be able to find this in the Canadian Gulf Islands or somewhere in New Zealand... let us know if you do. ( see the comment form below ).

Cat in suitcase heading to the San Juan Islands

If you are an experienced "vacation rental renter" you can skip this paragraph... those of you who are "inexperienced vacation rental renters" please read on. A vacation rental is simply someone else's house who is renting it out to you for a short period of time. Don't worry, you will not find their dirty underwear in the hamper or a mess left in the kitchen. Most vacation rentals are managed by vacation home companies who make sure that everything is perfect when you arrive and charge you lots of money if everything isn't perfect when you leave. The advantages of vacation rentals are greater the more people and time you have. If it's just you and your pet for the weekend you might be better off finding a pet friendly hotel but if you're having a family reunion, wedding, or are retired and just have a lot of time and money then vacation rentals are a great option.

Experienced "vacation rental renters" already know the advantages of vacation rentals and are probably tired of listening to me babble so I will cut to the chase... Which of the San Juan Islands actually have pet friendly vacation rentals and how much are they?

The answer is constantly changing so I'm going to keep things pretty general. All of the islands have vacation rentals that are pet friendly and the prices vary greatly. Some have all the extras and some have only the basics. Expect to pay more for all the extras! What follows is a short list of vacation rentals in the islands... sorry to say that you'll need to check with each one to see if they allow pets... keeping track of exactly which ones allow pets and which ones don't is a net loss endeavor for me so I would appreciate it if you could share your findings by adding to the comment thread below. Power to the people with pets!

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